One of the biggest mistakes home buyers make in their due diligence is to accept a cursory home inspection of the usual things – roof, furnace, general plumbing and fixtures – without digging a little deeper into the things that can end up costing thousands once the deal is closed.

The biggest potential problem, particularly in an older home, is the sewer system. Buried underground and susceptible to intrusions like tree roots and excess waste products and paper, not to mention the ravages of age, a residential sewer is critical in the proper operation of the whole home’s plumbing system. A sewer that looks to be in fine shape could break at any time, causing a stinky mess inside the home, a disruption of lifestyle, and potentially many thousands of dollars in repair costs.

A broken or blocked sewer line can lead to an unnecessary expense and disruption for a new home owner, a situation that can be avoided with minimal cost with a pre-purchase sewer scope performed by an experienced professional plumber. If there is a problem, a potential buyer can ask the seller to address the issue, use the information gleaned to re-negotiate the selling price, or simply walk away.