Basic inspections will include close examination of a property’s heating and coolingplumbingelectrical systemsattic space, crawl space, roof, insulation, walls, flooring, windows, foundation, basement, ceilings, and grounds. When a knowledgeable inspector examines these things, they can find problems that may not be apparent now but might turn into a disaster down the road. We will do a full report, in writing, of the findings. If major issues do indeed exist, the buyer may then negotiate how to handle this with the seller. The buyer of course has the ability to walk away, or negotiate. This might result in the seller giving a better sale price or even offering to pay for the repairs prior to the new owners moving in.

If you are doubt of purchasing a home then its best to have a thorough home inspection of the whole structure. A thorough home inspection includes hiring a good home inspector.

You will have a report on specific problems of the house.